“Cooking is like love. It shohuld be entered into with abandon or not at all.”

julia child

Monday 3rd August 2020
I wanted to get all my chores out of the way on Monday so I could spend time with the kids and so decided to go with an easy meal for Monday evening.

Roast Chicken Salad
Tuesday 4th August 2020
Sometimes a simple meal is best and I love nothing more than roast chicken with a little salad and a fresh loaf. Its also a winner if you want to spend a day taking it easy since once the chicken is in the oven, apart from pulling the salad together there is very little work involved here.

Jacket Potatoes
Wednesday 5th August 2020
Another good meal for popping in the oven and letting the meal just fall together. The versatility of jacket potatoes is just fantastic, the only limitation being your topping preference.

Fish Finger Sandwiches
Thursday 6th August 2020
Thursday I only had to feed myself and the girls and so opted for kid friendly food. To make it special you need thick cut bread, good quality fish fingers or fish bites some tartar sauce or ketchup and a side of salt and vinegar chips.

Friday 7th August 2020
At the start of the week the forecast for Friday was in the mid thirties and so I knew the day would be best spent by a pool cooling off so I wanted easy food and BBQ burgers always hits the mark for the girls.

Orecchietti with tomato and mozzarella
Saturday 8th August 2020
I had a day off from cooking on Saturday as Steve and HArriet cooked for us. There is nothing better than being cooked for and when Steve and the girls team up we are always in for something special.

Marken – North Holland
Sunday 9th August 2020
With Covid-19 messing up summer plans this year we have decided to stay close to home and make the most of the opportunity to visit this lovely country we are currently living in. This weekend we visited a small peninsular of Marken in North Holland – there is a great land bridge to the island.

To see the full list of ingredients for all non-store cupboard essential meals please click here:

Something a little special…

In celebration of Yorkshire Day on Saturday I will be making Yorkshire Parkin. This is a ginger cake made with oatmeal and treakle which is left a few days to become a lovely sticky delight.

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