A Recipe has no soul, YOU as a the cook must bring soul to the recipe.

Thomas Keller

Week of 30th November

Cornish Pasties
My food delivery arrives on a Tuesday and since I had extra steak left over from making a steak and ale pie I routed through my veg box and found some potatoes, onion and carrots and thought I had roughly they right ingredients to make up some Cornish Pasties.

Spaghetti Carbonarra
After ten days of isolation Georgina is finally aloud back to swimming and so Tuesday evening we will be having a quick and easy pasta meal.

Chicken Stir-fry
After a heavy carb start to the week I have planned a chicken stir-fry to up the vegetable anti.

Lentil & Bacon Soup
I love the spicy kick and simplicity of this soup. The autumn days have me hankering for a bowl with large chunks of warm bread.

Chicken Tikka Masala
Friday night is Curry Night and so this week I am moving away from my new favorite of curried lamb shanks and going for the good old Chiken Tikka Masala. This recipe suggests a 10 person serving which makes it ideal as I can then freeze the extra and have lunches for my girls to pop into their flasks for school.

Sinterklaas Dinner
To support our local restaurants in lockdown this Saturday we have ordered the Sinterklaas Dinner from Enya (a Greek Restaurant which we love)

I feel meal times are a daily gift to myself. When I get to just be with my family.

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