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“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.”

Julia child

Steak with mushrooms, tomatoes and potatoes
Monday 13th July 2020
Unfortunately both my girls started with a summer cold this week so my menu’s had to be quick and easy to prepare and cook.

Schnitzel with loaded potato skins and peas
Tuesday 14th July 2020
We are really lucky to have two good butchers in my village and for Tuesday’s dinner I am cooking tradional Dutch schnitzel with fully-loaded potatoe skins and peas.

Shepherds Pie
Wednesday 15th July 2020
When I consulted the weather forecast for the week ahead Wednesday was set to be wet and windy and so I needed a little comfort and settle on shepherds pie with broccoli and carrots.

School Holidays begin – celebration
Thursday 16nd July 2020
I am keeping Thursday evening open as it is the last day of the school year and we normally mark this by taking the girls out to eat. But I want to see how they are feeling before we comit to a reservation.

Grated rainbow salad with sesame feta fritters
Friday 17th July 2020
The weather is supposed to pick up by the weekend and so Friday I will be making Jamie Oliver’s Rainbow Salad Sesame Feta Fritters. This is in the Save with Jamie cookbook on page 24.

Saturday 18th July 2020
To kick off the summer holidays the girls are having a sleepover and so I will be preparing BBQ finger foods which they can nibble on as they run riot around the house and garden.

Alex Bar
Sunday 19th July 2020
After a crazy Saturday night I am expecting to getting the house back together Sunday so will deserve a day off from cooking and so we have decided to go to Alex Bar in Maarssen.

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Something a little special…

Our coffee time date this week is a zinggy key lime pie curtesy of the BBCFood website.

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