What’s for tea?

Beef Stew

Normally I will make a beef stew when I see that the weather is getting a bit bleak and we need to be cheered up, as stew and dumplings has to be one of my husbands all time favourite dishes. The recipe below is a general guide as I chop and change it depending onContinue reading “Beef Stew”

Buttermilk Scones

One of the clearest memories I have of my Grandma from being a child was of her making scones. Watching her mix the ingredients together then adding the raisins and then cutting them into squares, a quick egg wash and straight in the oven. Her scones always turned out perfect and I am always comparingContinue reading “Buttermilk Scones”

Summer Pesto Pasta

This is a perfect recipe for those days when you need something quick and easy. You will notice on my photo that I have loads of black olives and mozzarella, my daughters love them and would happily pick them out of the bowl as soon as my back is turned. In fact this evening IContinue reading “Summer Pesto Pasta”

Prawn Linguine

This dish was everything I thought it would be. I like to let the kids help themselves to food from the table and generally serve it in such a way that they can control how much they take which sometimes leaves a few rouge prawns left in the central dish which we then have theContinue reading “Prawn Linguine”


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