Soups: 2.Thai Butternut Squash Soup

For my second soup selection for the family I found this recipe in Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen cook book. I like butternut squash but sometimes find the soups a little sweet so am hoping the lemongrass and chilli will help balance out the flavour. I will be cooking this later in the week so will updateContinue reading “Soups: 2.Thai Butternut Squash Soup”

Soups: 1. Minestrone with orecchiette and barlotti beans

The Autumn months are upon us and when the rain starts to pour and the sky is grey I start hankering after comfort and warmth and all things hygge which I find easily in a steaming bowl of soup. Unfortunately my daughters are not as impressed when I announce soup is on the menu andContinue reading “Soups: 1. Minestrone with orecchiette and barlotti beans”

Is Universe is sending a message?

I love picking up random books at the airport. This is one of the things I am missing most with coronavirus and not travelling. My rules for selecting the books are simple: They can’t be chicklit or a new fictional release. Or the book has to be one that I generally would not pick up.Continue reading “Is Universe is sending a message?”